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PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger)

Taj Engineering supplies the PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger) and its spares of Alfa Laval & other concern for heat transfer efficiency there by saving money throughout the working life. These PHE are being used in Edible, Milk, Breweries , Sugar plants, Fertilizers plant etc. Both vertical as well as horizontal Pressure leaf filters for efficient filteration and without recurring expenditures.

Turnkey Projects

Refined Rice-Bran Oil through Physical Refining.

Refined oil and Vanaspati Plants.

Oil Mills for all seeds.

We have a new technology for non edible fatty acid 95% FFA convert to edible grade up to 4% FFA through the chemical process (any fatty acid oil)

Palm Stearin non edible melting point 55 degree C convert edible grade liquid oil 27 degree C through chemical process new technology.

New technology for separating Wax and Oil from rice bran wax through solvent remain oil content will be 1% only


TAJ ENGINEERING is working in the field of Bio-Diesel for the last FEW years. We have done extensive research for the availability of raw material, production technology, and environmental aspects and benefits related to this revolutionary industry basing upon Indian conditions and economy. We have endeavored to make out an economical product mix for the manufacture of biodiesel in economical aspect as well as quality aspect so as to harmonize the techno economical viability.