A little about us

Taj Engineering is established in 1987 with the sole motive of applying science in our day-to-day life. Great Entrepreneur Mr. Haree Nnair is the founder of the company.

No doubt the quest for a better and healthy living holds the very purpose of our existence, so thus Taj Engineering! Our qualified and dedicated engineers help in the execution and implementation of our pledge. Engineers at Taj Engineering know their responsibilities to produce designs and products that will perform as desired and expected. Not to talk about our stringent measures and quality control norms to avoid any unintended harm to the workers and public at large. Yes, engineers at Taj Engineering design machines and other products to reduce the risk of unexpected failure.

Hariee Nnair, Founder and Managing Director of Taj Engineering.

Why to Choose Us ?

  • Quality Serivce
  • Timely deliver
  • Reasonable prices
  • Extensive range of quality products